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most people don’t realize that Kenya even grows tea, yet they export over 450,000 TONS each year. that makes Kenya the world’s largest exporter of tea! at over 2,000 meters, Kenya has the highest elevation of tea gardens in Africa. the volcanic soil naturally produces some of the world’s most flavourful tea. these colorful canisters contain loose leaf tea blends and come packaged with a hand-carved olive wood tea scoop. we are proud to offer six blends, all grown without pesticides and all fair trade certified:

mt. kenya black | strong and malty  from lush jade tea gardens at the foot of Mt. Kenya, this rich black tea packs a serious hit of flavor! sweet and complex on its own, but equally superb with a splash of milk and sugar.

kenyan earl grey | aromatic and rich  grown under the rays of the Mediterranean sun, organic bergamot oranges marry perfectly with the natural, fruity notes of our whole leaf Kenyan tea. unlike any other earl grey you have tasted.

african chai | sweet and spicy  our African chai is spiced with a unique bouquet of cloves, fennel, cinnamon and rose petals – totally different from a spicy Indian masala chai. also delicious as an iced tea.

purple jasmine | light and floral  purple tea leaves contain the same super antioxidants found in blueberries and pomegranates. similar to green tea, purple tea is very healthy,with little caffeine and an exquisite taste.

little berry hibiscus | vibrant and tart  little berry hibiscus is a beautiful blend of colour: pink hibiscus petals, purple berries, green lemongrass and red rooibos. caffeine free, and also delicious over ice.

chamomile cleanse | smooth and sweet  organic chamomile and lemongrass help cleanse the body of toxins and calm your mind of stress. This herbal blend aids digestion and enhances absorption of iron. caffeine free.



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